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Movida, scheduling and rights made simple

Movida enables you to manage the editorial side of your Video On-Demand business across multiple platforms, devices, business models and countries.

This means not having to worry about things outside of your control; it means knowing at all times whether you are scheduling all your content correctly or not; knowing that everyone else on the team will have access to the same exact information and will work in unison without having to rely on emails or Excel documents.

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But, how does it work?

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    Without installation

    All our products work through a web browser, secure and always available. Work from anywhere.

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    World-class support

    Got any questions? We will be there to help you. Our support team got you covered, just ask our clients.

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    Only one monthly fee

    Support, maintenance, upgrades and hosting. No hidden fees, when you work with us it is all included.

What our clients are saying

  • BeBanjo are a vital contributor to the success of Cirkus enabling us to move quickly to exploit commercial opportunities and to integrate seamlessly with our platform operator partners.

    Mark Bradford

    Co-founder and Director at Cirkus

  • BeBanjo's suite of products has long been at the heart of the Channel 5 VOD workflow. As Demand 5 has grown, Movida has scaled easily to accommodate new work streams and platforms, and has adapted to our changing needs.

    Patrick Gartland

    Content Solutions Manager at Channel 5

  • BeBanjo have been working with BT for 18-months now. The software tools they’ve provided have proven every bit as flexible and reliable as the original tender presentations made claim, have delivered significant operational savings, and improved morale by delivering improved user interfaces. Scheduling and content operations are the heart of VOD service delivery and BeBanjo’s excellent client management skills, deep technical knowledge, and domain expertise ensure that they continue to play an important role in helping BT realise its ambitions.

    Peter Baker

    Head of Operations, Digital Media, BT TV

  • Since I started using Sequence, I'm better in control of what's going on inside my operations. As a result of that my workday is a lot less stressful.

    Javier Donaire

    Producer at Telefónica

  • Movida and Sequence allow me to manage effectively the scheduling, delivery and administration of all our programmes to our six international TV platforms. I especially love that they're web-based, allowing me to work flexibly - anytime, anywhere. We couldn't run the business as effectively without them.

    Gordon Crawford

    Head of Content Management at Cirkus

Some of our clients

  • Channel 5
  • AMC Networks
  • BT Vision
  • Orange
  • Telefónica
  • Cirkus