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About us

Who we are

We develop tools for managing the editorial and operational sides of video distribution services. Some of the most successful media companies in the world - such as WarnerMedia, BBC Studios, and ITV - trust our products at the heart of their operations. Our software lets them create schedules and plans, and to manage workflows, rights and metadata for their linear and non-linear channels - simply and efficiently. We are part of MEDIAGENIX, a top tech vendor in the global media industry with Media Business Management Platform WHATS’ON.

Our offices

Madrid 🇪🇸

Doctor Fourquet 27, local Izq.
28012 Madrid (Spain)

London 🇬🇧

26 Leonard Street
London, EC2A 4BY (UK)

Our mission

The business of video distribution is in the middle of a revolution. New technologies, and profound changes in consumer habits - accelerated by the pandemic - create new opportunities and new threats for media companies.

BeBanjo’s mission is to help media organisations - broadcasters, Hollywood studios, platform operators - adapt and thrive in this rapidly changing environment. Our tools bring control and efficiency to the business of video distribution.

Our scope is focused: we specialise in the issues of planning, scheduling, rights and metadata (sorry we can’t offer you products for playout or transcoding!). And our ambition is high: we aim to build the best tools in the world for teams managing TV and VOD distribution.

BeBanjo products let our customers:

Be efficient

Users shouldn’t be spending time copying and pasting from one system to another. Automation, integrations, and excellent UIs let BeBanjo customers manage more content and more services. BeBanjo products let teams focus on high-value strategic and editorial activities.

Gain control

What comedy content do I have rights for SVOD distribution in Canada next quarter? What Spanish editorial metadata am I missing for my content going online next month? This information - often scattered across spreadsheets, systems, emails and individual heads - is available at a glance in BeBanjo products.


At low cost with new business models, e.g., direct-to-consumer or third-party affiliate distribution / AVOD, TVOD, SVOD, or EST / new territories…

Our strategic choices

To fulfil our mission, we make the following strategic choices:

Pure Software-as-a-Service from day one

Work from anywhere with a web browser. Collaborate in real-time with your teams across the world. Let BeBanjo handle the hosting, support and maintenance.

True products approach

All our customers the exact same version of the products at all times. Products are configured and integrated in different ways, but no-one is running off a custom and orphaned version of the software. Everybody gets every enhancement. The costs of hosting, maintenance and support are effectively shared.


The data our customers store in our products has value across their entire organisation - in content operations but also in strategy, marketing, press, compliance, finance… BeBanjo products come with modern APIs and a data warehouse that let our customers’ data flow.


BeBanjo can’t be everything for everyone. The scope of our products is tightly defined, and we want our products to be best-of-breed for that scope. We are transparent about what we can and cannot do for your business.

High-quality development

We care about attracting and retaining talented engineers, designers and product managers. We constantly aim to improve our agile software development methodology. Yes, you’ve heard “agile” before but we truly mean it! For instance, we release a new version of the products several times a day, every day. Literally, and safely.

Our values

Here are some of the constant objectives - or values - that collectively guide our decisions and actions as a company:


We aim to delight customers with products and services that stand out from the competition. We aim to delight your technology teams, who are all too often used to under-performing vendors. We aim to delight your users by empowering those who are doing the job day-to-day.


We aim to be a sustainable business. We are not a VC-funded startup etc. It is a real business predicated on successful long-term relationships with customers. And, of course, sustainability also means we aim to minimise our impact on the world.


We aim to provide a decent place for people to work. Our company culture is based on trust, accountability and inclusivity. We aim to build trusted long-term relationships, not just with customers, but with staff too.

Our story

We were founded in 2008 as a response to an emerging opportunity in the video industry: viewers were increasingly favoring on-demand consumption over traditional linear television. Meanwhile, companies serving these viewers were lacking the tools to efficiently manage their growing content operations. Schedules, plans, rights, metadata were often left to be handled through creative use of spreadsheets and with poorly-supported in-house builds. This meant A LOT of extra work for those tasked with overseeing content operations. BeBanjo was designed as an alternative to these inefficient DIY practices from day one.

Over the following years, BeBanjo expanded the breadth and depth of the product offering. We added capabilities for reporting, for advanced metadata management, for long-term planning, and for linear channels - because broadcast is by no means dead and must work hand-in-hand with non-linear. We did so while aiming for high quality, with products and services that stand out from the competition.

BeBanjo has become a global organisation with offices in London and Madrid. With customers all around the world, BeBanjo makes 45% of its revenue in the USA, 45% in Europe, and 10% elsewhere. In 2022, MEDIAGENIX and BeBanjo joined forces to expand global product leadership in media business management solutions.

Throughout our journey, we have developed long-term relationships with some of the biggest and most successful media companies in the world, such as WarnerMedia, BBC Studios, and ITV. Ask us - or directly ask your friends in the industry! - for references. We’re confident you will hear great things about working with BeBanjo.

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