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Plan your linear content visually

BeBanjo’s Linear module lets you model content scenarios for your linear schedules on a drag and drop interface. Finally, linear planning has come out of the dark ages.

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Beautifully easy drag and drop

Freely move content blocks around the calendar, copy the same content sequence across different time periods and use the Scratch Pad for storing title sequences for future use.

Share draft plans internally and externally

Create multiple draft plans and share them internally or externally for better collaboration.

Sync your plans with your business goals

Use your data to generate reports in Qlik, Tableau or Google Data Studio.

What is the difference between content scheduling and planning?

Content scheduling

Horizon of a few weeks

  • Fixing rights and schedules problems
  • Preparing metadata and images
  • Getting all the data production-ready
  • Publishing final package to consumer platforms
  • Publishing final package to consumer platforms

Content planning

Horizon of 6-18 months

  • Modelling costs and scenarios
  • Working from avails and with placeholders (TBAs)
  • Acquiring and commissioning content
  • Meeting editorial and business goals
  • Sharing draft plans with partners and affiliates iteratively

Full set of features

  • Create and configure multiple channels: define name, external ID, day start time, time zone, day part (daytime, peak, late peak hours)
  • Drag and drop interface: resize, move, copy paste, delete entries with keyboard shortcuts
  • Filter the plan (calendar) by day, week, month, season view; weekend, weekday view
  • Add schedule entries through Excel import, by picking them from the BeBanjo Catalogue or through creating them from scratch: adding a name, date, frequency (once, every day, weekly, monthly), duration (start/end date of exploitation window), category, relevant notes (with the possibility to mark as a problem)
  • Visual calendar with different views: 60-, 30-, 15-, 5-minute blocks; weekdays or only weekends; filter by notes and problems
  • Dynamically resize content blocks in the plan
  • Record problems with notes for every entry and filter the plan by problems
  • Generate pdf printouts or collaborate directly in the Linear tool with team members
  • Easily create repeats by selecting, copying and pasting content blocks
  • Options: create different plan scenarios to experiment with your content without changing the “master” plan
  • Save content blocks (sequence of entries) in the Scratch Pad for future use