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Code of ethics


BeBanjo’s Code of Ethics sets forth the general principles that apply to the exercise of its activities in view of its compliance with ethical standards and applicable law. It is a set of rules that governs the conduct of all BeBanjo employees and their relations with various inside and outside partners. Foremost, this Code calls for individuals to act ethically and responsibly.

The purpose of this Code is not to provide an exhaustive and detailed list of all of the rules governing BeBanjo businesses and employees in the various countries in which BeBanjo operates. BeBanjo intent is rather to establish guidelines in order to ensure that all of the companies within BeBanjo and their employees have a common vision of the Code of Ethics that applies to the exercise of their businesses.

In addition to the application of this Code, BeBanjo encourages each of its companies to define and apply ethical rules that are adapted to its own businesses and to the legal and regulatory environments in which such company exercises its specific business.

Any violation of the Code provisions may be sanctioned in compliance with the provisions of the company’s internal rules and regulations.

BeBanjo values

BeBanjo culture is based on the principles of honesty, loyalty and integrity as well as compliance with and demonstration of our common values:

  • Keep it simple
  • Mind the customer
  • Act as a team
  • Make it happen
  • Drive for change

These principles and values guide our actions and behaviour in our relations with our shareholders, our clients, our suppliers, our colleagues and our teams. We bring them to life on a daily basis in the exercise of our activities at every level of our organization, in order to better serve the interests of BeBanjo and its individual companies.

BeBanjo relations with its employees

We store Personal Data in the European Economic Area (“EEA”).

Data processor and data controller

Fundamental rights, respect for the human person, discrimination and harassment.

BeBanjo complies with applicable laws and regulations pertaining to the respect of privacy, the protection of personal information and employment everywhere that it operates, in particular those that require the recognition of fundamental and union rights, the prohibition of forced or child labour, in accordance with the rules established by the International Labour Organisation.

In particular, BeBanjo refrains from using any form of discrimination based on the race, customs, age, sex, political or religious opinions, union membership or handicaps of individuals, as well as any form of harassment.

BeBanjo must provide each of its employees with a work environment in which the human person is respected, through a method of management that encourages taking responsibility and initiative.


We may share your Personal Data in the following circumstances:

Mergers and Acquisitions: in the future, BeBanjo may partner with or purchase another company to continue to do business as a combined entity, or BeBanjo may be acquired by another company. In this event, it is possible that your Personal Data may be transferred to the new business entity;

Law Enforcement Authorities: we may disclose your Personal Data in circumstances when we are required by law to do so.